Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break I have missed you.....

Better late than never......Spring Break I mean. I am thankful it is finally here but oh mylanta how I was looking forward to it being here! And my first official day...what did I do? I slept in, went to a doctor's appointment, slept some more and did a few loads of laundry. So not really anything that amounted to anything. But Saturday I attended a workshop from Golden Acrylics artists and Instructor Merle rosin. The Ashland Art League sponsored her teaching. And WOW how fabulous!!! I even received a Golden Acrylic Coffee mug!

Sunday, we went to the local playhouse, the Mansfield Playhouse,  to watch the hilarious show Drop Dead!! Loved the cast, loved the show, loved it all!! and I loved the fact that Mr. Mac got an extra nap in and cooked dinner for us. The rest of my week is pretty well swamped. Cleaning all day Tuesday, Wednesday I have an open studio day for my students, and a family business meeting in the evening and lots of prep on the remaining days for the School wide art show held the next week. But, all that will be ok, because I will take a few breaks to enjoy coffee from my new mug.