Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MORE SUMMER FUN!!! Stencils and mixed media ROCK!

Still in progress!
The best part of summer is being able to recharge your creative batteries...and getting to sleep in. This past weekend fellow art teachers, Patience and Mary and I took a weekend workshop at Small Studios in Westlake, Ohio. The mixed media workshop was  over mixed media collage techniques and was taught by artist Lynne Perella. We used lots of fun materials that are easily accessible and cheap! Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, cheap acrylics, gel medium. The only pricey materials were the stencils. The whole process is a perfect for our classroom applications. The techniques of layering different materials and mediums is applicable in many levels and classes. My students will use these techniques in my classroom for journals, covers, the social commentary piece in my printmaking class and also the mixed media work in my drawing fundamentals course. A fabulous way to explore composition, color theory and communication. After the workshop, we shopped in the studio, grabbed dinner at Fathead's and then went to our hotel to stay up most of the night finishing our pieces

Unfortunately, I didn't remember my photocopies so while I now have all of my backgrounds completed, I will finish the portraits in the foregrounds over the next few weeks. Laving me just enough time to get ready for the next workshop!

Our post workshop hotel work space

Dinner from the amazing Fatheads Brewery

Patience's piece in progress

Mary's work in progress

My spooky background

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer is over?

mutt and mutt 2
I had a discussion the other day with a fellow educator. She said that she had been given the evil eye by many of her peers one evening when she said summer was over and it was only the 1st of July. BUT, I think I might agree. I spent the entire month of June trying to get caught up on all of my side projects that I needed to finish from the end of the school year. Procrastination strikes again. T-shirts, banners, invitations and marketing designs for a local company, trying to get caught up on the mountain of laundry, yes it is a mountain, boxing up my classroom and deep cleaning the house.  I didn't start my summer off like I had planned. I had originally planned on being in my studio for 3 hours a day working on my small sculptures. I had originally planned on spending an hour a day working on sketchbook and project samples as well,  house cleaning for 2 hours a day and I wanted to try at least three new recipes a week for dinner.....I had planned to be motivated. I had planned to be on a schedule and then I remembered Netflix and Pinterest, and long morning coffees on the porch, watching the garden(which is all weeds right now) spending time with family and friends, hosting another monster mayhem workshop and all of those fun things that make summer so relaxing. I probably could have finished all my side work in less than a week but I spread it out over the entire month.

Mr. M brewing away.
And now July is here and summer is really almost over and I really do need to get all of those things done because fellow art teachers Patience, Mary and I are headed to Small Studios in Westlake, Ohio for a weekend workshop with artist Lynne Perella. Mr. MUTT and I are heading to Miami, Ohio later in July to participate in the New Crafts on the Block, a showcase of new craft breweries from Ohio. (He is the head brewer at one of those new breweries)  and suddenly that mountain of laundry has turned into a mountain range, the house is still not deep cleaned enough,  and my lessons are still rattling around my head.....and because  because school resumes on August the 18th. ... I will need to start all of that right now!!!....Well,  right after my first cup of coffee.... and an episode of House of Cards on Netflix....and of course I need to find that recipe for a watermelon salad on Pinterest.............

Monday, May 5, 2014

Professional Development for the Art Teacher...

I am thankful my principal and my district understand the importance of professional development for the arts. I have been incredibly blessed to be allowed to attend workshops with Professional Artists and not just just on teaching methodology and assessment. So often it is difficult to find relevant pd that develops skills for arts teachers so when Ginny S. From Small Studios in Westlake, Ohio announced her annual workshop series this year I was ecstatic to see Tory Brokenshire teaching again. I wasn't able to attend her sessions last year(life got in the way) and I was really bummed. So as soon as the registration opened I filled out my paperwork, wrote my rationale and marched(ran) down to the office. The only downside was the length of time I then had to wait for the workshop. But it was well worth it and it would also mark the start of the final month of school for us.

The workshops that Ginny hosts are fabulous. They are housed in the beautiful studio in the back half of the eclectic and curious goods store called Small Studios. Her artists are personable, knowledgeable, and friendly. They are famous and well worth the small workshop fees. In the past she has had artists Michael DeMeng, Andrea Matus-DeMeng, Keith LoBue and Ingrid Djikers just to name a few. Fabulous artists AND you get to shop in one of the coolest little stores I have come across. Santos dolls, metal numbers, ribbons, arts supplies, mixed media assemblage supplies, and papers galore, well worth the trip! Total WIN!

I attended all three of Tory's workshops and came away with three almost finished sculptures. I know, I am a bit of a perfectionist and I work a little slow. I managed to finish the first sculpture(who needs sleep) and I am hoping to get to spend some time in my studio this week and finish my second one up as well. I learned in depth about the materials we were using, tips that I could share with my students and had an in depth look at how Tory creates and why she creates the sculptures she does. My students were excited to see my first project finished and they will get to see the progress on the the others as well. And all of that amazing knowledge I picked will be used in next years curriculum and projects! Thank you to Tory and Ginny for a fabulous weekend!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break ....how I have missed you.....

Better late than never......Spring Break I mean. I am thankful it is finally here but oh mylanta how I was looking forward to it being here! And my first official day...what did I do? I slept in, went to a doctor's appointment, slept some more and did a few loads of laundry. So not really anything that amounted to anything. But Saturday I attended a workshop from Golden Acrylics artists and Instructor Merle rosin. The Ashland Art League sponsored her teaching. And WOW how fabulous!!! I even received a Golden Acrylic Coffee mug!

Sunday, we went to the local playhouse, the Mansfield Playhouse,  to watch the hilarious show Drop Dead!! Loved the cast, loved the show, loved it all!! and I loved the fact that Mr. Mac got an extra nap in and cooked dinner for us. The rest of my week is pretty well swamped. Cleaning all day Tuesday, Wednesday I have an open studio day for my students, and a family business meeting in the evening and lots of prep on the remaining days for the School wide art show held the next week. But, all that will be ok, because I will take a few breaks to enjoy coffee from my new mug.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some of the works we submitted to the Governor's Youth Art Exhibition

Just a few of the pieces we took for consideration to the Governor's Youth Art Exhibition. So proud of the courage and strength to take a risk putting themselves out there!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

It is here....

Another competition, not just any competition, but the Governor's Art Competition. To be honest, our crazy winter has set us so far back that we just aren't ready for it. I don't have nearly the quantity of work I normally do. But I have some fantastic student pieces that I am taking on Saturday. These kids always amaze me with what they can do! Tonight will be filled with me typing and editing lists and starting to panic that I don't have one more dress stand that I really need still. and I am short on cardboard. But that just means I will be dumpster diving in the morning and headed to home depot tonight. Until then, here is a picture of two pieces, the rest will come on Saturday:)

Monday, February 3, 2014

SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE!! (warning-pic heavy)

Being Pinned
Oh my GOODNESS!!!! These past few weeks have been crazy! After experiencing the Polar Vortex with temperatures at -15 actual and -36 windchill, seeing ice columns and witnessing snow rollers and an amazing 4 days of cancellations in a row due to weather.... I was more than a little excited to head to Ft. Rucker, Alabama, to watch my oldest nephew graduate as a Warrant Officer in the Army. Unfortunately, the weather followed us there and a trip that should have been a 12 hour drive turned into almost 21 hours of driving! And although our travel was extended the ceremony was also delayed and we were still there in time for the pinning. I can not tell you what an honor it was to be there and see the man he has become. He will begin aviation school in the Army very soon. It was also a bonus to get to spend a little time with my family.

Sunrise over the Lake
I was also lucky enough to sneak in a sunrise or two which was right off the back of our cabin where we stayed. And on the second sunrise, sipping coffee with my sister, wrapped up in a fleece blanket braving 29 degree temps, checking my email and feeling a little like Monet must have as he watched the colors change through the day, I discovered that  my project on DONOR'S CHOOSE was fully funded! I had been notified that I had more donations this week but fully funded!! WOW!!!

The Camera's from Donor's Choose
 A few months ago I requested funding for technology on Donor's Choose. I was requesting 2 digital cameras for my classroom for my students to use instead of their cell phones. We can use them every day! I am so grateful, excited, overwhelmed and ecstatic for my students to receive their new cameras! And today when I told them the good news they were pretty excited too! Even more excited that they arrived during the School day! I was notified on Friday that we were funded and we received them today-Monday!!And they couldn't have come at a more perfect time! Intro students are starting their trace monotype self portraits and Drawing students will be starting choice media self-portraits, photograph their work for their portfolios and start the independent photo montage project as well! Thank you to Donor's Choose and everyone who gave! I can't wait to share the great results of my students!!! I truly have so much to celebrate!!!!
My sister, our Officer and myself
My Husband and I
Receiving my company coin
King Wes
Our Men
My beautiful niece

My dad with one of the sculptures

My dad outside of the U.S. Army Aviation Museum
My Sister and Brother-in-Law