I teach at a high school Art in a small Ohio town known as the friendliest place on earth.  I have Intro to Art classes, Printmaking, Sculpture, Contemporary Crafts, and Drawing classes. I think everyone has an artistic vein, but sometimes we just have to dig to find it. I love the theatre, perform locally when I can, and volunteer for our high school musical in whatever capacity is needed. I am in a book club, but never have the time to actually read the book for it. I love to paint, sculpt and print but never have enough time for that either. I am always reorganizing my studio. I am a political Independent although I do tend to lean in one direction more. I like glitter and sequins, but not on my projects, unless it is the platinum mixing medium from Sax arts and crafts.  I am in LOVE with Golden Paints and Johnny Depp. Sorry Clive Owen...although you are a close second. I love movies. Think chocolate is a gift from heaven. Currently listening to the Black Keys, foo Fighters and the Civil Wars. Can't get enough of DeMeng, Fairey, Rauschenberg, and Johns.  I made 6 puppets that made it through a high school production of Cinderella.

Love Jeni's ice cream in Columbus. Love Columbus. Adore the Cincinatti Art Museum. like to ramble. Can't get enough of coffee and loose leaf tea. Go Teavanna and Luckys tea house. I prefer an actual book to an ebook or magazine, but I do love the portabilty of my digital subscriptions. Love how Nori paste smells, but not after 6 months. Love to sit by the pool, but can not swim. Love makeup, but rarely wear it.  BGSU Alum and Falcon Fan forever! I appreciate all types of art. Love mixed media art of all kinds. I think a little creepy, can go a long way and be a good thing in the art world.  I was the 2011 NC-OAEA Oatstanding Art Teacher, I have presented multiple workshops to my peers, and  I am married(15 years), have two dogs and 1000's of children, although none are actually "mine".   I have one sister(gorgeous) 2 nephews and a niece, a nephew in law, a great nephew, 2 brother-in-laws, three god-daughters, and a little koi pond with fish that found the fountain of youth, but I am not drinking that water.

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