Sunday, May 29, 2011

The search for the Holy Grail.........

As summer approaches and I begin to disect the school year, I think about the lessons I have learned, the ones I have taught, and what to do with them.  I begin to fill the Holy Grail with ideas and adjustments for the following year. My Holy Grail is my journal. It is filled with lesson ideas, inspirations, images, and techniques that I either want to try, think I need to look at again, or want to share. I always create a new holy grail starting about mid April. I usually look at my old grails to see what I have missed from previous years, but this year I will only have one that I am able to review.

I was asked by a colleague and friend what my plans for summer were this year. I said I didn't know and I really didn't! I had been contemplating(barely) getting a second job, looking into graduate coursework and just working in the studio. After thinking about this for a little bit, I realize that for many of us who teach, summer is almost like like our second chance at "New Year's resolutions" So I am dubbing them Summer resolutions...I  know really creative title.

So here are a few of my summer resoltions.:

1. Finish the army of Pot and Pan people....they deserve it.
2. Clean the couch in the studio. No explanation needed.
3. Finish the revisions for the Crafts Curriculum.
4. Work on the portraits I need to finish.
5. Finish the Ceramic Monsters series...they rattle, they roll, they look like little trolls
6. Enjoy the morning sun since the afternoon sun hates me.
7. Finish the Holy Grail samples

I am sure I will add more to this list soon, but since that f word keeps popping up often, I think I will need to accomplish those first.

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  1. Fantastic! Best of luck with the couch-- they are the most devious creatures.