Thursday, August 8, 2013


WOOOOHOOOOO What you are lucky enough to not see is the happy dance I am doing right now!!! While I realize this might just be me...I absolutely love  my aprons in my classroom..... It is a small obsession of mine. They can hide a multitude of fashion faux pas, spilled coffee, and previous art and non art stains.......and today I scored two of the cutest ones at WAL-MART. (Wal-MArt may be one of my least favorite places to go to ever.....especially during the day...and during back to school. It is always packed and I am slightly claustrophobic when I go there. They are Absolutely adorable....and the price was right too!! Less than $8.00 each! BOOM!

 I went on an apron hunting kick this summer and discovered that there are a lot of really expensive aprons out there. Some for over $400 each!!. I am not sure if I will bling these up or not. I do want to add a snap on the neck but I already know I am swamped so chances are it will never get done which is also why they probably won't get any bling. I also have ordered new classroom aprons as well for my students!! Can't wait to get those. The printmaking students are going to silkscreen a class logo on them (they just don't know it yet!) Last year my two favorite aprons were the Foo Fighters apron I made and the Starbucks green barista apron which I scored on Ebay. I Also have 6 plain white canvas ones to DIY for later this year!!Down to 11 daysbefore these babies can be on display and in use!!!!

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