Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Break Plans?

"Whoooo wants Coffee?"
Not sure about the rest of you, but I know exactly what I want to do for spring break. It has NOTHING to do with anything related to school...well almost. I need to get back into my studio..which has become over run with school stuff. Piles of research, test samples, old handouts, revised handouts, stacks of old lesson plans, journals, magazines etc, etc, etc..........all stuff that should be in our office.

So after taking a much needed day off from everything(that is a day called Monday) I will revamp and "rewire" my studio on Tuesday and Wednesday so I can one again get creative in there. It isn't that I haven't been creating any art, or even finishing art I started, but I have been bringing it all out of my studio to work on it in the kitchen. I have been doing all of my graphic design work for the PBC there because it is closer to my coffee pot. But since I have acquired a few new art pieces this winter-Thanks to Sally Green and Michael DeMeng!! I think I will like the "new" view in my studio way better than keeping the coffee pot in my sightline. While I am waiting to get back into the studio and share out my results of the organization, I finished this critter at my kitchen table and also at school-she travels well. She is currently traveling over to the Mansfield Art Center to be on display with other art teacher works from the area. I started her in a Tory Brokenshire workshop, but took a different path when I got her home to finish, months later. Made with Polymer clay, recycled items, golden acrylics, wire and other stuff.

Hope you have a fabulous Spring Break! Enjoy!


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