Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New School year...New resolutions...........

It dawned on me today, that the first day of school is a lot like "New Year's Eve". We wait with anticipation and a little dread. We think about what the future holds for the upcoming year, look over what our accomplishments have been and then moving on we draft our New Year's resolutions. Really they aren't that different. So, this year I drafted my back to school resolutions list.

10. I will remember to find my coffee cup at the end of every day. 
Since last year my coffee cups occasionally became science experiments in evolution randomly placed around the room. 
9. I will not toss my hair up into a top not as soon as I get to school every day. Top knots are reserved for sumo wrestlers.

8. I will keep only one extra pair of shoes under my desk at a time. It shouldn't look like the clearance rack from Macy's under my desk. 

7. I will be able to see the top of my desk all week and not just on Mondays.... 
Most of it.  Well, at least my keyboard. I should be able to see my keyboard

6. I will only have one cup, or two, but definitely less than a pot of coffee a day. 

5. I will save my emergency chocolate stash for true emergencies. 
and remember the opening bell does not constitute an emergency nor do any other bells throughout the day.

4. I will keep my nails manicured each week. 
because I just took out a second mortgage to buy bunches of jamberry nail wraps.  

3. I will not apply my mascara in the parking lot at school. 

2. I will make time each week to work on my own art. I need this professionally and personally.


1. I will not sweat the small stuff.
Even though maintenance says that keeping all the small stuff is just clutter and hoarding.


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