Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School is getting ready to start and I am very excited!! Lots of neat ideas, looking forward to meeting new students and seeing the old too! Just wish I had everything in the house done already. Redoing both bedrooms is time consuming. I am refinishing a bedroom set that I bought last month and It isnt finished yet adn I already have the table and chairs for the kitchen in to start the processs on too!

Where did the summer go?

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  1. I am asking myself the same thing,although I am glad the summer is over. We finally got some much needed rain here in Texas. All summer long with record breaking 100% plus heat and no rain to speak of. It was like being in @#$%!

    I love your new dresser! It is just gorgeous. You put alot of work into it. I too like to make things. I mostly crochet and do jewelry too and give hand-made stuff as gifts.