Saturday, October 10, 2009

School has been swamped!! Big classes, big ideas, not enough time it seems and a ton of new obstacles this year. Overall FANTASTIC kids! I Am always so impressed and inspired with what they can do.

But anyways.......................they finally released the name of this years 2010 Musical and it is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!!! YEAH!!!!!! I hate keeping secrets and that one was hard to keep. We made silk screened shirts for the unveiling and they turned out pretty well!

Hand stenciled screen, just used a word program to get the font and manipulated the letters, took about 6 hours to paint the screen, and then a card stock stencil for the foiled silhouette. Speedball inks worked well, they are metallic but it wasn't that noticeable on the t-shirt. The foil is from Laura Murray Designs. Not difficult to do, but we used Alenes Flexible Fabric Glue for the foiling because it eas clear and the Murray adhesive was a dark Gray.

I can't wait until February :)

(sorry for the pic quality)

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