Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Treasure hunting.............

Still life season is upon us! and that means Treasure Hunting!!! I have my trusty hunting license (driver's license) and my weapon of choice (cash) and I am ready to stalk my prey through yard sales, thrift shops, eBay and auctions but alas I have no idea what I am really looking for. Setting me loose at any of those places without direction, is just an accident waiting to happen. One of the hardest things for me to determine is what goes into the still life set ups every year. I try to have at least 6 different set ups so students have choices and space to work.  I want each of my still life set ups to tell a story that the artist and the audience can connect with. It should have varying degrees of difficulty through textures, reflections, and composition possibilities to allow students some flexibility. The objects need to make sense together as well.  I don't want my students looking at their piece later asking why was an egg beater next to a soccer shoe.  I have set up faux vegetable displays and not faux-(I don't reccomend using real food), a pirates paradise with treasure trunk and skeleton, Holiday decorations for fall and winter(Halloween and Christmas), farmhouse abundance themes with metalware, crocks, and tins,, primitive themes with crocks, ball jars, eggs and apples, musical instruments, sports themes,  and the usual fall squashes and gourds to name a few, but this year I am at a loss. No brilliant ideas yet and we have hit the July 4th back to school countdown. I was really hoping to bring in all new or at least some new set ups this year.  Right now I am getting a little nervous. The last time this happened I wound up with lots of junk from the Goodwill, (yay for me) but still no set up.

What is your favorite still life set up to draw or to use in the classroom. or your least favorite!  What have you done that you feel is the most successful or enjoyable. Or if you were drawing the still life, what would you like to draw?  Please leave some suggestions as my pirate skeleton, Mr. Bones, is really ready for a vacation himself this year. Unfortunately, he lost a few toes last year and probably should stay off of his feet. 


  1. Toys. Lots and lots of toys. Never fails.

  2. Perfect! Thank you for the idea!!! I will add toys to my list when I go scouting for goodies this weekend!!!!!