Sunday, September 16, 2012

MAC'S Top 10 reasons to be Excited for Back to School!!

I don't think I have ever not been excited to go back to school! These are my top 10 for this year!

10. Shiny waxed floors and a clean sparkling classroom!!
Let's be realistic, in the art classroom, even when we try, this only lasts a few short weeks. With about 165 "official" students in my classroom a day, this room quickly self-destructs in just a few short weeks but our maintenance department works miracles!

9. New students and of course returning ones!
Oh my goodness!! I ADORE my new classes!!! It might be too early to say that and hopefully I won't be jinxing myself, but they are AWESOME!!! And it is so Nice to see some familiar faces returning  with their creative energies restored after their summer breaks! After spending the summer revising, adjusting, and creating new lessons and projects they are finally going to be put into action!!! I am so excited to see what they do!!!

8. Sample Materials from Arts representatives!!
Who doesn't love free stuff!! Especially free stuff that encourages us to play and explore our creative sides! and as a bonus there is usually a sharpie in there someplace!!
7. Getting back into a regular routine..............
because really that sleeping in until 7 thing, not showering until 2, and taking a nap whenever was starting to get old!

6. more coffee:)
I just love my coffee:) even more so if someone else makes it! Since at least two of my lessons will be focused around a coffee cup this year, it would be safe to say, it is a BIG part of my day;)

5. NEW SHARPIES!!!!!!!
I will admit.....I have a sharpie addiction. It isn't to the point of becoming a real problem, but it would be very easy to start hoarding them!. And going back `to school in the fall just gives me an excuse to buy more.

I love my aprons!!! I started this year off with a ruffled zebra apron! My color wheel apron, Halloween and Election day aprons are almost finished!

3. Did I mention Coffee?
2. The 2013 high school musical announcement!!!!
This year they have selected AIDA!!!!!!!! Who wouldn't love a love story set in Egypt! The costumes and set on this are going to be out of this world! I can not wait! And the student response so far is awesome!

1. All things Autumn!!!
The smell of new pencils! A fresh tub of Ink! New glue! HOMECOMING!!!Football, bonfires and hot chocolate.......the colors of the changing leaves, and Halloween and the crazy creative costumes the kids come up with are just around the corner!!) The new videos over school procedures from the award winning VP staff!  New lessons, new ideas, new inspiration! and cut out cookies. I know that last one is available at pretty much any time, but my favorite is to dunk a cut out sugar cookie in hot chocolate-not nearly as much fun in July!!!!

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