Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MORE SUMMER FUN!!! Stencils and mixed media ROCK!

Still in progress!
The best part of summer is being able to recharge your creative batteries...and getting to sleep in. This past weekend fellow art teachers, Patience and Mary and I took a weekend workshop at Small Studios in Westlake, Ohio. The mixed media workshop was  over mixed media collage techniques and was taught by artist Lynne Perella. We used lots of fun materials that are easily accessible and cheap! Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, cheap acrylics, gel medium. The only pricey materials were the stencils. The whole process is a perfect for our classroom applications. The techniques of layering different materials and mediums is applicable in many levels and classes. My students will use these techniques in my classroom for journals, covers, the social commentary piece in my printmaking class and also the mixed media work in my drawing fundamentals course. A fabulous way to explore composition, color theory and communication. After the workshop, we shopped in the studio, grabbed dinner at Fathead's and then went to our hotel to stay up most of the night finishing our pieces

Unfortunately, I didn't remember my photocopies so while I now have all of my backgrounds completed, I will finish the portraits in the foregrounds over the next few weeks. Laving me just enough time to get ready for the next workshop!

Our post workshop hotel work space

Dinner from the amazing Fatheads Brewery

Patience's piece in progress

Mary's work in progress

My spooky background

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  1. What a great workshop this must have been. Lynne is an amazing teacher -- as are these works in progress!