Sunday, November 17, 2013

Until next year....

Even though the OAEA conference is over, the excitement and ideas are still buzzing around my head!! I love the recharging and inspiration that conference brings and I love the process on the days after of brainstorming and figuring out how the creative genius I just experienced can be worked into my own classroom. Not even kidding here, but I have a list of over 35 things already and I haven't even started going through my notes.

 My friend and fellow OAT Mary H and I presented on k-12 sculpture and we hope everyone will try a little sculpture in their own classrooms. We had a ball and hope that everyone walked away with a little knowledge and  inspiration of their own. In less than an hour and 45 minutes pretty much everyone made away an armature coated in Plastercraft and a started modeling with the paper clay! AND bonus for me I had a former student in the workshop!! I am starting to feel really old now! Tons of people to thank for all of their help so a big thank you to Cameron D, Leah S, Ashley R.and the biggest thank you to the woman known as Rader for getting coffee, water and taking pictures and helping in every way possible. A huge shout out and thank you to Katie Cahill of Sax/School Specialty for her donations and work as well!



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