Thursday, December 26, 2013


My sister is an animal lover. Her pets are just as loved as one of her children and over the summer her beloved Pedro passed away. Pedro was a small cream chihuahua that was loved by everyone for his quirky antics and anxious disposition. He was also our chihuahua Pepe's papa. I wanted to do something for her for Christmas, and I wanted it to be something about Pedro.She had given me an ornament last year of our Harley and it was my favorite gift.

I "appliqued" and slightly embroidered a portrait of Pedro.  I worked on creating a value map from a photo and used fabrics that related to her favorite colors and also to Pedro.. I layered them up and used wonder under to attach them together. Trying to embroider some of the details is a little more difficult through more than 2 layers of fabric and wonder under.   As a first effort, I don't think it was half bad, and I definitely want to incorporate this into my crafts curriculum now. I must say, I really miss the little guy and I really enjoyed creating this for my sister.

Testing out the bones for the background

Building the layers


  1. Approximately 8x10. I think the shadowbox was 11x14 that I put it in. I have done 4x6 embroidered works with my Intro students but I really want to try this with my Crafts students on a larger scale. We may do some stamped patterned fabrics to start.

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